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2014-11-01 18:14:45 by KnuklesMusic

A halloween skit i made a few days ago.

Sup Fuckers!

2014-10-17 20:12:32 by KnuklesMusic

Just wanna wish everyone a awesome halloween, and to look out for more stuff on my youtube channel.

Fuck Knuklez! OUT NOW!!!

2013-04-27 11:10:43 by KnuklesMusic

Download LInk: ape.481574.html

Read This First!

2012-06-18 16:40:34 by KnuklesMusic

Incase you just got to my page let me just tell you that i know some of the songs here suck because that was the old me if you check out my youtube channel (KNUKLES54X) you will see a big improvement, i would put here but i've been banned for some reason and i try to delete some of the shitty song but with that change i don't know where everything is. So click on the link right here and see what i'm taking about

Go To Sleep!
Beat Produced By: Nuttkase
Click Here To Hear The Story:

Knuklez - Verbal Assault (Produced By. JNyce)

2012-03-29 20:41:31 by KnuklesMusic

Hope you you enjoy and if you don't fuck you.

Vote For Me: 739661&set=o.108082332564634&type=1&theater

Dead Serious Mixtape OUT NOW!!!

2012-02-17 16:45:32 by KnuklesMusic

Hope you Enjoy!!! ape.316423.html

Vampire Girl (new song)

2012-02-14 12:47:33 by KnuklesMusic

and theres this song too...

My Entry For Funk Volume's The Dont Fu[$]k Up Our Beats!